(Blended Test Automation Concepts)

Automation is a way of gathering information which can be accessed by variety of audience (like Business, PM’s, Developers, Testers, Users) & appropriate actions can be taken in a much much much faster way.

Problem Statement:

When we code for Automation there are 2 major items which consumes a lot of time:

  • Developing the initial Framework which controls your Project Structure, Configurations, Data Files, Reporting
  • Re-usable helper libraries which assist in quickly coding relevant test cases

Having solution on these pointers would prove to be of great assistance. Plus, 50% of the project time can be saved in terms of Coaching new people in the team and making people focus on automating test cases rather than making automation framework or helper libraries.


JavaDocs: BTAC JavaDocs


BTAC (Blended Test Automation Concepts) assists in solving these problems for different automation tools and technologies.

Supported Tools as of now:

  • Web Automation Framework + Helper Libraries
    • Selenium WebDriver (Java) with TestNg + Ant
  • Mobile Automation Framework + Helper Libraries
    • Appium (Java) with TestNg + Ant
  • API Automation Framework + Helper Libraries

BTAC provides custom frameworks and libraries which ease up a lot of activities involved from starting a automation project TO coding TO reporting. Following is a glimpse of such areas for which libraries are available:

  • Web element handlers
  • Mobile Element Handlers
  • DB Generics
  • HTTP Client Utils
  • Select Browser
  • Browser Actions
  • Mouse and Keyboard Actions
  • String Manipulation
  • Files And Folder
  • Image and OCR
  • Currency Date Time
  • Data Structure
  • Math Operations
  • Report Parse Google Update
  • Random Data Generator
  • Email Notification

Other Add-on’s:

  • Link Checker (Custom add-on which checks for broken links, images, js and other resources + Detailed automated report which can be assessed for broken links, empty links, missing link text, missing image alternate text, and other various parameters)
  • Send Bulk Mails for Testing to various email-id’s along with attachments (For testing apps like email aggregator where you have to send bulk mails to different email-id’s and check if aggregator is able to aggregate all emails together or not)
  • Social Media Review Extractor (Currently limited to Twitter. This add-on extracts good/bad Tweet reviews from customers for specified apps + Creates a custom automated report with appropriate information)

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