What is Testing???

Testing Testing Testing…..

There is a wide variety of definitions & beliefs what each people in the world believe about testing.

So do I. As a tester I know of many things that comes to my mind when I think about testing. But, there is “that” feeling in my heart which makes me doubt my own thinking.

As a Fresher (Time, when the job hunt is all we are busy with 🙂 ):

All I thought about testing is the same as every fresh university pass-out candidate trying to hunt for a job. I tried giving definitions of testing & what I think about testing which is same as college text-book traditional definitions. I understand that it could be difficult at this stage as we never had any practical exposure & were taught by traditional people in a traditional way of university syllabus. We believe that testing is so easy that anyone can do it. Freshers even think that, it’s an alternative job for Engineers if they are unable to get development job. But that is not what testing is… Note: For all the freshers who are thinking if Testing is something interesting over development or not? Does it have future? Is it a boring job? My short answer for you would be – “Everything depends on you & your thinking or willingness to go beyond”. Following is my experience of what I think about testing in a short story…

As a 1 month experience:

I am a lucky fellow who was hired as the first fresher by Moolya 🙂 . Moolyavans are the bunch of people who always tries to add more value to testing by actually performing testing activities in a way which is completely different from traditional companies. I can challenge that most of the testers at this stage would have the mentality, that testing is about quality assurance. My answer would be a big “NOPE”. Testing is about providing as much useful information as much possible to our stakeholders. So that they can make appropriate decisions after thinking from all possible directions with the information gathered. My mentor Santhosh Tuppad and others who always guided me to be on the right track – Sunil Kumar T, Pradeep Soundararajan, Parimala Hariprasad, Dhanasekar S, Vaishali Antala & Perze Ababa have made me continuously re-think what is testing, what I am doing, what I can do, what could be done & the importance of that when it is actually done.

As a 6 months experience: I think I was doing good testing at this stage of my life. Providing as much information as possible. Trying to think of more & more test ideas in order to provide wider coverage to our clients to make decisions on sign-off for release.

  • Understanding & implementing the concept “Exploratory Testing” & “Context Driven Testing School”.
  • Power of mind-mapping in reporting.
  • Twitter-driven exploratory testing.
  • Utilizing the power of browser add-ons for better & faster testing. Here is a list of few browser add-ons useful for testing & compiled by Moolyavans.
  • Asking questions.
  • Reading Blogs of Testers across the world.
  • Attending Conference & Workshops & meeting people.
  • Spreading words about testing via blogging, discussions, etc in the community.

Still that was not sufficient what I think about testing. I keep asking myself same thing again and again – Is these all what testing means to me?

As a 1 year experience: At this stage it was a wonderful feeling of me completing 1 year @Moolya. I was doing some good contribution in the testing:

  • Coaching next-gen testers
  • Keep learning new technology & try to make use of it to make testing more interesting & useful.
  • Networking with Testers.
  • Improving Observation skills.
  • Learning & automating test scenarios which are likely to be adding more value in testing & save time for creative testing.

Now, does this mean that my thinking about testing is on its final level? My answer is still a big “NOPE”.

As a 1 year & 4 months experience: As of today, there are various things I do & things I wonder to re-think about testing:

  • Making new customized tools for aiding better testing. Here are some logics what we can implement in order to assist testing:
    • Blink Test: Procedure where we can take snapshot of every page of the site at different times of the day/night. Extremely helpful in assessing site when we are off-work for the day, if any page on the site went displayed any http error or broke & displayed blank page.
    • Feedback Parser: Procedure were we can input different keywords & based on those it should try to search for feedback from users across the web. Like users comment on twitter or any other social site.
    • Link Verifier: Procedure to check all the links across the site & report which page gave what status. There are few tools & sites which provides this feature, but I am not satisfied with results & the way I need to get information.
    • List can go on…
  • Setup/Trouble Shooting environments for testing.
  • Not to ignore setup/configuration testing.
  • Making creative Articles or activities for testing in or out of Moolya.
  • Participating in weekly based group testing activity across entire Moolya. This activity  is a initiative by Vipin Vinchurkar which is famously known as “Friday Nights Light”. It’s kind of a bug bash battle to test any given product. (Note: By the way this blog post is the result of this FNL activity, where topic was given by Pradeep for “experience you had that made you re-think something about testing”. Thanks Pradeep for giving this opportunity & making us think in this manner)
  • Release Engineering process & learning curl commands.
  • Work on my Leadership skills – To help people re-shape their thinking about testing.

I always need to keep making myself re-think about testing. Moolya has done the same for me. It’s not a company, rather I would say It’s a platform were people get chance to put forward their creativity & speak their minds to grow better. This provides me the platform for more creativity, ways of doing work in a non-traditional fashion, uniqueness,  & build my reputation in the world of testers. This is a feeling I would love to share with every individual who wish to break their boundaries about testing & keep re-thinking to define new boundaries of testing as time pass by. There is no constant meaning of what is testing. The concept of what we think about testing keeps evolving with time.


5 thoughts on “What is Testing???

  1. A most interesting post! Keep growing! Two thoughts grabbed my attention:
    –“Everything depends on you & your thinking or willingness to go beyond.”
    –“To help people re-shape their thinking about testing.”
    I value the following observation, variously stated by a number of insightful persons:
    Far more important than *what* one thinks is *how* one thinks.

  2. Real cool awesome blog post 🙂 Keep it up. You make me proud. The kind of maturity that you have in writing blogs is something that I have seen for the first time in the group of people at your age who write on software testing. There is lot more in the future for you. Be consistent 🙂

    One life, rock it 🙂

  3. Thank you Everyone for the appreciations. I am glad that this post is proving helpful to a lot of people to understand “What is Testing” & re-shape their thinking as well.

  4. Fantastic post Jigsss, I guess this is really a good example of writing your experience report. 😉
    BTW i really do admire your writing man. It keeps pushing me to do more good to challenge more n more. Because I know very well then you will again come up with something to challenge me back. And that is what I want a competition (Healthy Competition B/W us).


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