Shooting the Troubleshooting


In our life, there have been surely may times when we had done setup of many technologies in our system. For instance, Software setup, OS setup, etc. Opps!! how can I forget Games setup (This was the first setup I did when I was a kid 🙂 ).

Setup of environment is an important part of process which requires attention no matter where we go or what project we work on. For instance, Setting up entire site in your local sys, Automation Framework, etc. Following commands from documentation is one way to make stuff working. But, understanding them while executing those commands, and issues we encounter during troubleshooting plays an important role in making us familiar with the process in depth. I would like to share similar experience which I had while troubleshooting for setup of some “Abara-Ka-Dabra” Framework.

1. Are you excited?

Working on setup environment could be a tricky thing. I understand that it is very irritating once we get off the track & are unable to proceed. We need to have patience in such cases. While doing this activity I learned that being excited is the key to get most out of this event. Build your interest in it & try troubleshooting by referring all available help, documents in your reach. Don’t be afraid of executing any commands fearing that it may mess up my entire environment, you can always start fresh setup if it is messed up 🙂  Feel free to run commands, after all this is the time to do real world practicals after reading so much stuffs from text books or by Google. But, make sure that while playing around with env you don’t mess up with others work or bring down entire server.

What I mean is don’t start doing stuff blindly, first explore & then plan your activities.

If I was trying to setup any game & it gives me trouble setting it up, then I will never give up until it is installed. Because I wanna play that game 😉 So, being excited is the key for this.

2. Understanding of Back-end

Troubleshooting is something which took me to the next level of my understanding of the process behind “Abara-Ka-Dabra” Framework. I got to know few things in detail which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t encountered any issues.

I got familiar with various stuff like puppet timings, provision command, git logs, checking & updating drush version, drush version for local & VM, difference in executing drush commands from local & VM, gem updates, mounting NFS shared folder failed, if my repo is messed up then how to get a new clean install, deleting a branch. These were few points which I didn’t know about & few which were not in setup guide.

Setting up “Abara-Ka-Dabra” framework successfully first time indeed helps you learn few things. After that we get involved in our routine day to day work. But, Troubleshooting issues made me get to know better process, structure, architecture behind the framework.

3. Get in touch with people

Now I have an overview of what I am dealing with based on what ideas I tried out. Now, this is an opportunity for me to get in touch with other people and ask for their guidance. Don’t spend all your time in troubleshooting alone. Asking questions helps you save time & learn more & more. So, convert this into an opportunity to explore & learn. This is also a way to get to know other people & make friends/network.

  • Contact friends/experts who are aware of the same technologies
  • Get in touch of various forums & post your questions
  • Refer blogs by people who works on same technology
  • Last but not least, our God – “Google Search” is always available 😉

4. Contribute your experience

Alright! This is a happy moment for me as I have successfully resolved all my issues. Now, I should not get back to my daily routine work. I was making notes of steps I performed while getting help from other experts. So it’s time for me to contribute what I learned by making/updating docs which can be referred by everyone in future.

5. Learning:

There is always a chance were we try to perform the setup in different sys & we get bothered with different kinds of trouble/errors. There is a lot of learning during this cycle.

But, one important learning that can be made from this exercise repeatedly is that, every time you repeat same process you get to learn something new which you were not aware of previously. Thus, don’t get disappointed by repeating same stuff (I would also like to quote as “Teaching same stuff again & again”). These is an activity which sharpens ones knowledge by asking interactive questions, etc.

I would not like to make this Article a boring one by elaborating it 😉 So, stoping it here & hope you liked it.


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